Which of these describes you?

  • You’ve fallen out of love with novel-writing.
  • You’re struggling with the storytelling craft and writing process.
  • You want to make a living from writing but can’t seem to make it happen.
  • Your books aren’t selling and you don’t know what to do.

If any or all apply, you’re not alone. Welcome. Have a seat.

I started this blog to share thoughts, experiences, and lessons about novel-writing as both a craft and a profession based on my book The Writer’s Habit. But I want to dig deeper. I want to address and help you solve the problems you and other writers face at one time or another.

Three components make up the writer’s habit: knowledge, skill, and desire. Knowledge is about what to do. Skill is about how to do it. Desire is about wanting to do it.

With humor, kindness, stories, and a smile, I aim to motivate and inspire you to master your craft, market your books, and maximize your wellness. It’s not just about being a better writer. It’s about living a better life.

Every Wednesday I’ll present a subject in one of these areas:

  • First Wednesday of the month: Knowledge
  • Second Wednesday of the month: Skill
  • Third Wednesday of the month: Desire
  • Fourth Wednesday of the month: Marketing and Promotion

I look forward to interacting with you and engaging in an ongoing conversation.