CROPPED elHi! I’m Elisa, a bestselling author of ten books, including the novels Faking It, Ordinary World, and She Has Your Eyes. I’m also a writing instructor and coach. On this blog I’ll be sharing my thoughts, experiences, and lessons on writing based on my book The Writer’s Habit.

Three components make up the writer’s habit: knowledge, skill, and desire. Knowledge is about what to do. Skill is about how to do it. Desire is about wanting to do it.

Much of the content I’ll be posting here will pertain to the third component, desire. I believe this is the aspect of writing that writers struggle most with, and it is not talked about enough in writing classes because so much of it is revolves around fear and resistance.

With humor, kindness, stories, and a smile, I aim to motivate and inspire you to fall in love with (if you’re not already or currently) and stay connected to the joy of writing, and to help you develop your authenticity not only as writers, but also as individuals. It’s not just about being a better writer. It’s about living a better life.

Whether you want to make more money as a writer, sharpen your skills, or share your experiences with myself and other writers, then come in and make yourself at home. I’m happy you’re here.

Every Wednesday I’ll post content that either echoes or expands on the topics that appear in The Writer’s Habit. As this site grows, I’ll also offer courses that cover these topics with even more depth. If you don’t want to miss out, sign up for updates, information, and cool FREE stuff.

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