lancarello38-1.jpgHi! I’m Elisa, a bestselling author of ten books, including the novels Faking It, Ordinary World, and She Has Your Eyes. I’m also a writing instructor and coach.

I wasn’t always a novelist, but I have been a writer and teacher throughout my life. I grew up on Long Island, the youngest of seven children as a bona fide member of Generation X. After working as a retail store manager and a manicurist in my early 20s, I earned my bachelor’s and master’s degrees (psychology and professional writing) at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth and taught rhetoric and writing at the college level for more than ten years. In 2012 I became a full-time novelist.

In addition to guest posts on Jane Friedman‘s and the Writer’s Digest blogs, and speaking appearances at libraries and schools in various states, I have been featured in the Montana Quarterly magazine, the Rachael Ray Every Day magazine, the Charlotte Observer, and Last Best News. I was a guest speaker at the Triangle Association of Freelancers 2012 and 2014 Write Now! conferences, and in May 2016 I presented a lesson for the Women’s Fiction Writers Association spring workshop.

To learn more about my books, please go to my official author website.